Meek Stone (Mentor Monument, Standard) – Stream Highlights

  • Published on Jul 22, 2018
  • http://mtg.fish/XISmC

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    Is Oketra's Monument due for a Standard comeback thanks to Mentor of the Meek? ◼ This video is sponsored by Ridge Wallet. Get 10% off with code "Goldfish" at

  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel Martin 3 weeks ago

    Is your voice ok. Noticed it's a tad rough at the end of the video

  • Joey Quinones
    Joey Quinones 3 weeks ago

    Yay, Sethpai noticed me!

  • obsidianmoon13
    obsidianmoon13 3 weeks ago

    I would probably cut the Suncleansers and Sunscourge Champions and throw in some cheap flyers. Maybe something like Aerial Responder or Kinjalli's Sunwing. Even something as simple as Silverbeak Paladin could be decent. Not losing any power/toughness and seems much more useful. Plus flyers can go pretty much unblocked against a lot of decks like zombies or G stompy. Especially with the blue splash, there are a lot of options. Something like Aven Wind Guide could be useful with the monuments. Those just seem like the weakest spots in the deck right now. I would like to see some better removal, maybe more seal aways or add a couple cast outs. The sideboard could probably use a little work, and I'd definitely take another look at the mana base. Overall, it seems like a decent deck idea. I've been working on more of a U/W flyers version of something like this.

  • Fellipe Cicconi
    Fellipe Cicconi 3 weeks ago

    1:34 for the first game.

  • Bryan T
    Bryan T 3 weeks ago

    Oketra's monument is great.

  • BrotherGoro
    BrotherGoro 3 weeks ago

    This stream was fun. I gotta drop in for more, seth

  • Nameless KING321
    Nameless KING321 3 weeks ago

    I've always wanted an imminent doom deck in standard, with burn and control cards. I had the best chance when banefire was standard. What would u suggest for modern imminent doom type burn tempo deck?

  • Midna light
    Midna light 3 weeks ago

    in match 3 you should've cracked the shefet dunes

  • Jay Well
    Jay Well 3 weeks ago

    Suncleanser looks like it would be better as sideboard

  • Kavar 93
    Kavar 93 3 weeks ago

    Temmet could be cool in this list

  • Aaron Nava
    Aaron Nava 3 weeks ago

    That last match was hilarious. Against energy with two Aether Hubs, his opponent could only tap one coloured mana each turn, much less cast harnessed lightning like Seth mentioned (which they didn't even have red for)

  • wrongserver
    wrongserver 3 weeks ago

    @10:40 I would have cracked Dunes to provoke a disallow then cracked the 2nd one as a final gamble

  • Christopher Woodbury
    Christopher Woodbury 1 week ago

    Been thinking about this deck and... with how weak it is against steel leaf... the blue hatemare would be good here. It can sneak past the lines of MG stompy stomp types while your tokens chump or swarm block and it can block steely while still triggering everything we wanna trigger. Double blue can be hard to hit for turn 2 but turn 3 isn't unlikely.

  • Thomas Madison
    Thomas Madison 3 weeks ago

    I thought you were posting 5 color dragons today

  • B Shell
    B Shell 3 weeks ago

    Dang. Third place never happens for me.

  • Chris Saur
    Chris Saur 3 weeks ago

    Damn your voice needs some rest.

  • Francesco Maniscalco
    Francesco Maniscalco 3 weeks ago

    Your voice... Is away again?

  • Luliby
    Luliby 3 weeks ago

    Oh wow, you can hear his voice get more and more ragged by the end of the stream.