Hollywoods War on God 2018 - Illuminati Exposed! (Live Stream)

  • Streamed live on Jul 22, 2018
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  • Liz #
    Liz # 3 weeks ago

    Sorry I missed your live stream. I'm more old school Hip Hop. Glad I grew up when I did.

  • Stratos H D
    Stratos H D 3 weeks ago

    It’s actually so sad how they do it always pick a cute innocent girl, they make her famous and once they have a large fan base they start corrupting her image. So the teens falls for this fandom. It’s actually pretty sad. Thanks @spykitten for your video

  • Katherine Guthrie
    Katherine Guthrie 3 weeks ago

    Thank you Spy Kitten & For SHARING THE VIDEO !!! 

  • Crystal Storie
    Crystal Storie 3 weeks ago

    I'm so glad I found your channel! I pray God continues to bless you for spreading God's word...xoxo

  • Crystal Storie
    Crystal Storie 3 weeks ago

    The fact is we All have issues they're just on different levels. People should be more aware of the Holy Spirit within them and listen! ...xoxo

  • Crystal Storie
    Crystal Storie 3 weeks ago

    Put on the Armor of God on you daily and stay away from safe. Pray for a hedge of protection from God! ...xoxo

  • Phoenix Butterfly
    Phoenix Butterfly 3 weeks ago (edited)

    I'm an empath! It's horrible and not fun at all. It isn't a super power that is enjoyable because you see the light and dark in the world deeply. We are more spiritually open than others. In the Bible, the closest thing to an empath is a discerner that has discernment. You can see and feel deeper than most. I think it's a sensitivity that allows you to pick up or read the smallest of things about ppl. It tells you what type of person they are in a split second. Most spiritual people can look in the eyes to an extent but empaths do that and feel the presence or aura of that person. I have seen demons in people also. My point is the natural ability is amplified if you know the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Crystal Storie
    Crystal Storie 3 weeks ago

    Thank You for sharing your testimony! We all have our paths to go through in life. If you just keep your eyes on God and yes it's hard but we're all human and God knows that. ...xoxo

  • Ron Solo
    Ron Solo 3 weeks ago

    God is beyond man or woman

  • clare zajac
    clare zajac 3 weeks ago

    Rock n roll vanished first...now it's all country, rap, and homogenized bs

  • alphadragosani
    alphadragosani 3 weeks ago

    They will pay, don't worry about it.

  • Addicted_2 _Fitness
    Addicted_2 _Fitness 3 weeks ago

    Jesus is coming soon, get ready ✝️

  • alphadragosani
    alphadragosani 3 weeks ago

    God is my father, my creator, there is no doubt about that for me, the last time I saw something on TV was 7 years ago, I do not want and I refuse to watch any new movies

  • Jim Rustles
    Jim Rustles 3 weeks ago

    Frequencies and vibrations make the world. This is why they use music and movies and tv.

  • Alien Heston
    Alien Heston 3 weeks ago

    1:41:18 I’m 37 and no the world was never this sensitive until Obama came into office. He ran for 2 terms (8 years) and the millennial only know that president. They had no clue what he did in politics because all they cared about was that he was “cool.”

  • Jeremiah Nnadede
    Jeremiah Nnadede 3 weeks ago

    Spykitten you are awesome a prophet you have discernment of spirits

  • Giselle Argueta
    Giselle Argueta 2 weeks ago

    Please do an exposed video on god is a woman by Ariana grande!!

  • alphadragosani
    alphadragosani 3 weeks ago

    I am empathic that is why, I don't like people, not even my family

  • Vpower07
    Vpower07 3 weeks ago

    Hello hello hello Spy Kitten Thanks for the wonderful work you do! CAUTION: Ignore the sage burning advice! It’s unbiblical, ritualistic and there’s no need for it. Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world!

  • Candice Lambert
    Candice Lambert 3 weeks ago

    Religion = . As a 40 year old woman, I see that millennials are a LOT more awake than most of the population. Good for them for not perpetuating abusive religious patterns and ways of thinking. Religion is mind control....it has nothing to do with someone’s actual internal spirit - which is holy. Religion tries its hardest to obscure the sacredness of each individual and shift the persons mind to pleasing other men. Churches are a man worshipping guilt release box.