3TR Live Stream: Devil May Cry 2 (Full Playthrough)

  • Streamed live on Jul 11, 2018
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  • عيسى عبد الله
    عيسى عبد الله 1 week ago

    It seems like you want the game to play itself based on what you said in this stream. Devil May Cry 3 & 4 are known for and are typically played for their highly technical combat. This means jump cancels, gun cancels, distorted attacks, guard flying, etc. There's depth and a level of execution needed to play on a higher level. I'm not just talking SSS ranks, either. Those are easy to get even with just using the fundamentals. Actual high level play is the main draw for fans... and for that reason DmC:DE annihilates DMC2. Take it from someone who plays these games everyday and character action games in general. DMC2 is the worst of the series easily and DmC:DE is the third best combat-wise. You may not like NT and DmC's characters and story, neither do I. However, to call it one of the worst games you've ever played while DMC2 is an actual thing comes off as disingenuous. That's just my two cents.