Kevin Costner's Family: A Father Of 7 Kids

  • Published on Jul 11, 2018

    A leading Hollywood actor Kevin Costner has been a changeless idol for millions of fans. He is known as a talented actor as well as a film producer whose works are included in the list of the top 6 of the worldwide cinematograph. At school, he was more interested in playing baseball rather than education. However, he finished it and later studied business. But, this profession wasn’t giving him much satisfaction, especially when he met Richard Burton who supported his idea of pursuing acting career. Step by step, he was first given minor roles in different movies until he woke up famous after a main role in Silverado. The actor’s father, William worked as utilities executive. He died in 2000 at the age of 76. The mother, Sharon had been an actress and perhaps, that where Kevin inherited acting skills and talent. She passed away at 69, two years before the husband. The famous actor has two brothers. Daniel is the oldest son in a family, who is a businessman. Mark was a middle child, who unfortunately lived only six hours. Costner’s first wife was Cindy Silva who had been living with the star for 16 years. When they got married, Kevin had a job in a marketing sphere and was dreaming of becoming an actor. The meeting of a popular actor during a honeymoon changed their lives forever. The former spouse inspired a future actor to strive for getting main roles. They produced 3 children together and were happy until things got worse and worse that led to a divorce. After that a film performer dated Bridget Rooney who also gave a birth to a child during not so long time of being together. Then he was noticed in a company of a model Elle Macpherson but the affair lasted less than a year, as he met Christine Baumgartner, who became his second spouse in 2004. Together with Costner they have been merely living till present moment, raising three kids. The award winning actor is a proud father of seven kids. Anni is the first child born to a movie star with Cindy. Some time ago she worked in one of the environmental departments. The second child with Cindy is Lily. She is a very creative and unique personality with passion for music and songwriting. Like her famous dad, she is also a movie performer with several awards. Joe was delivered in 1988 and is also into the filmmaking industry. Short-term relationship with Rooney resulted in a birth of a son, Liam in 1996. He is very much loved and supported by the father, even though his parents have never been married. With Baumgartner, the actor has three children. Cayden was welcomed to the world in 2007 laying foundation of a real new family. Two years later, the couple was excited to have another son, Hayes. And just in a year, they have got Grace as one more wonderful addition to the family. In terms of age, Kevin can easily be her grandpa, yet as he admits, he is happy to be blessed with such a cute princess. That is all. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.